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Transcendent works reach for the 'Aether'
Saturday, September 01, 2001 By Mary Thomas,

"Aether" -- a traveling exhibition of work by artists Delanie Jenkins, Shari Mendelson, Linn Meyers, Paul Stremple and Paul Villinski -- is as airy, dreamy, quiet and difficult to pinpoint as the mythical substance from which it draws its name. Defined by the dictionary as the medium ancients thought filled the "upper regions," the notion of "aether" (or ether) inspired these artists to represent something that is pervasive but intangible. In doing so, they've achieved a new expression of transcendence that draws from contemporary circumstances.
... The other artists, all New Yorkers, make equally engaging objects of observation and seduction. Mendelson's constructions of multiple painted enamel wire shapes at first suggest chaos theory rather than ether, but they have an underlying order and rhythm that is logical and even calming...