SHARI MENDELSON,"Artist's Rendering"
St. Peter's Church, 54th Street and Lexington Avenue
July 24, 1988

In the church's vestiblue, Ms. Mendelson has hung "Skies, Eyes," an intriguing wall work made from silver, mirrors and cellophane tape, whose elements progress from a small, molecular arrangement of silver-wire circles, through a cluster of graduated mirors that reflect the viewer, the work itself and its surroundings, to a larger, light-catching disks of transparent tape. It plays lyrically off the church's minimalist architecture. You have to look had for her second work, "Artist's Rendering No. 2," an arrangement of dozens of miniscule mirrors hung on nearly invisible threads from the ceiling over the main stairwell. They make a small, playful twinkle.

Grace Glueck