excerpt from: ARTCAL, June 20, 2008
"Surfactant at Rupert Ravens"
By Patti Jordan

A slightly stricter take on materials, Shari Mendelson’s polycarbonate wall structure weaves intermittent clear, cloudy, and yellow disks that then radiate from the wall in a modular, airy form of relief. The vantage point here is highly democratic: moving from a frontal to a planar point of reference as interlocking plexi disks hover in optical space, a visual and physical interchange occurs, revealing in its ordered framework the impression of some type of molecular activity. An inner, ethereal light emanates from behind the edges of Mendelson’s mustered shapes extending visual energy outwards exponentially towards the viewer, casting this light in linear and planar trajectories. With subtle interplays of light, color and shadow demarcating overall form, the frontal view even plays on illusionism but with a literal stacked space.