Shari Mendelson

Currently on View:
1Ensemble, Cat House Proper @ 524 Projects, 524 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, through January 6, 2019
HANDHELD, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT, Curated by Elizabeth Essner, through January 13, 2019
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (recent acquisition), Houston, TX
RISD Museum (recent acquisition), Providence, RI
2017 Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient
2017 NYSCA/NYFA Fellowship Recipient

Shari Mendelson: Glasslike at UrbanGlass
Deer Askos Sidesaddle Walking Animal with Dense Net
Animal with Vessel in Net Four Vessels with Exoskeleton (Pink and Gold) Animal with bowl and handle
Shari Mendelson: Artifacts at Todd Merrill Studio
Yellow/Green Urn Glitter Vessel with Blue Neck with Semicircles Yellow-Green Heart-Shaped Vessel
Blue Vessel with Decorative Long Neck Small Animal with Big Amphora Blue Urn with Found Greek Key
Animal with Cage Cup (blue) Round Vessel with Crown Animal with Cage Cup (white)
Glitter Vessel with Semicircles (small) Winged Animal with Tall Cage Cup Shell Vessel
Ennion-Like vessel with 10 handles Green Vessel with 3 Double Handles Light Green Ennion-like Vessel with Handles
Animal With Green Head and Cage Cup Animal with 3 Vessels Winged Animal with Vessels
Large Blue Bottle Vessel with Blue-Green Neck and 6 Handles Green Vessel with Long Neck
Round Blue/Green Vessel Vessel with Decorative Long Neck, Pen on paper, 11x14 2016 2 Blue Vessels with Long Necks
Bird Vessel Grey Bull
Two Camels Korean Bird Vessel Spirit of Pepé
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